Searching for a site for dump cards we came across dumps.to, a unique  website selling fresh credit card dumps at cheap prices so you could easily purchase certain things on the Internet online. Also, this platform allows you to make purchases using cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BHC. Is it that like in the reality or is it another clickbait, our team ventured to explore this interesting dump store.

dumps.to offers to visit 5 pages in total – my account, checkout, cart, shop (home page), FAQ, and  the last one is a special page where you can find a detailed guide: Ways to purchase bitcoins using your credit card (it helps a lot if you are interested in cryptocurrency trade).

In the header you will see the slogan of dumps.to, that describes the value proposition in a few words: “Buy credit card dumps with CVV2. USA, EU, Australia, Russia. Bitcoin and BitcoinCash accepted.”

From whence we can understand that this platform gives users the opportunity to purchase credit cards dumps, CVV, CC, PIN online. This website works in the US, throughout the  European Union, Australia and the Russian Federation. At the moment, only cryptocurrencies (BTC and BHC) can be used for ordering, as we mentioned above.

Today, the shop offers only 6 products to choose, as the website is new one. It’s just gaining popularity and is looking for the first customers.

In general, the site looks pretty good with the bright color theme and basic structure. First of all, we looked through the basic information on the site. They claim that they accept only cryptocurrencies by now, for some reason not any other payment methods. The site doesn’t give you any trials of the card dumps, if you want to try the dump to see if it works you need to buy it first. Also, the administration notifies that there is no chance to refund the approved items and they don’t promise to guarantee or control balance on cards. In addition, it says that administration of the site keeps the right to suspend block or delete any account as they want to prevent fraud users. In case someone wants to contact, they are able to get it via e-mail.

The registration on here as in all the rest of sites like this is very simple and straightforward. Our attempt to sign up failed: at first we were waiting for the letter with a link to confirm our account, but nothing was about to come to our inbox, then the site stopped working and the script notifying about an error appeared on the screen. Therefore, to sum up, the creation of a new account in the system did’t go so well.

Thereafter, we strongly decided to go through a lot of information and reviews of dumps247.com at some closed forums and the opinions of the users. It turned out that most feedback was supportive of this site. Some sent BTC as a payment and they got the quality order. So, this web service got enough reputation to be scamming-free.

Then, we checked WHOIS. The IP address is registered in the US and has been active for 315 days but the information about the provider is hidden, sometimes it is done so that  the owner does not receive spam. We also inspected if the IP address was ever marked as spam or been noticed with spam activities, I have not been able to get any proofs of that, that’s good.

Please leave your comments below if you have tried the dumps247.com web page and have some experiences you would like to share with the community.

63 thoughts on “Dumps.to

      1. u can google it easily bro
        the most difficult thing is to find a good dump vendor (thank god dumps247 is still running)

    1. Hey bro can you show me the method to get cash like this…i know a little, but changing location is giving my a big fight..please and thanks for some help.

  1. questionHey bros, this is Kevin speaking… My order number is #1021… Recently, I bought CC dumps (U.S) for $119.99 with a huge balance (as you’ve said on your site). Things went fine, I did some copies from my msr605x, but I couldn’t write the last 2 of them. So it seems I bought only 8 working dumps, not 10… You have mentioned on your shop that a refund is possible within 48 hours, but I had some family issues (I was away from the computer) and 5 days gone… I hope you will understand my situation and you give me additional 2 dumps… Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but it is what is is…
    1. bro, you’d better ask them by telegram or wickr, i don’t think their reps are wandering here (they answered me within 40 mins)

  2. fking Ait was a busy week bros Usually I go with UK cvv packs (protip: I order shipping to hotels, stuff doesnt ask for IDs in 99% cases) this week I did good wit us cvv from dumps.to, no problem at all, their CVVs are nice and clean as fuck. dumps247 review P.S. Need a guys with real cvv stuff like dumps.to Real only, all fake ass RIPPERS kill yaself, don’t waste your time or mine, been n the game way to long to fall for the tricks. Any real vendors are welcome in telegram @lloydg0d and let’s eat.
  3. WesternUnionI used their WU transfer, the $ 1000 transfer came with a delay of 2 hours ... but how? how it works ? why they do not transfer this money to themselves? Thanks from India, guys... Will work together
    1. Hi. Every one. Guys I’from Poland ,Please let me know,that cards will work in my country…?? I never buy and i want try…. Really its work…? Witch side will be best for buy…???

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